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Iice skates ..plz help .x?

i want to get some ice skates but i dont no what to gett for just skatin normally?! i dont do lessons and dont like hire skates =[ skates or figure skates ?

Iice skates ..plz help .x?
Figure skates are easier to skate in than hockey skates because the blade of a figure skate is longer and has a toe pick which can help you balance easier. You can just get a pair of Riedell Red or Blue ribbon skates which you can purchase at your local pro shop, I would highly suggest being sized for skates because skates that do not fit properly can cause you many problems.
Reply:figure skates are more for spins and jumps. hockey skate are more for speed. if you just wanna speed around the rink then i%26#039;d suggest hockey. if you want to learn jumps and spins, get the figure skates.
Reply:well what sorta skates have u been using so far? if you%26#039;re just going to be skating recreationally maybe go for some simple figure skates (tho i dont know anything about hockey skates), but dont go too cheap. skates that cost very little often have very little quality and dont give the right support. im not saying go buy expensive skates or anything, just make sure you get ones that will last. an important thing to remember is that you need to justify the purchase. if you are only going to be skating once every few months it might not make sense buying skates. the cost of maintenance can mount up. but if you are sure you want your own.. lets face it, rentals are horrible! :P.... then go for it. i think the best thing you can do is go to a pro shop and ask their advice. they will be able to recommend what skates will be best for how often you are going to be skating.
Reply:Both hockey and figure skates work differently.

If your going for speed get hockey skates bec they%26#039;re lighter and they dont have a toe pic. Figure skates on the other hand have toe picks wich are a real pain when you are just starting but really useful later. They are used for jumps, etc. And hockey skates are kind of cheaper. Hope this helps.
Reply:figure skates. hockey skates look cool, but man they are hard to skate in. i do lessons and you can do so much more in figure skates. plus, if you end up starting figure skating lessons they will not allow you to do them in hockey skates.

trust me, go for figure skates!



Question about buying ice skates.?

I%26#039;m thinking about buying myself a pair of ice skates. I don%26#039;t figure skate or anything like that, just skate for fun.

For a person like me, would non-leather ice skates be okay? Do they have any advantages over leather skates for simply recreational skaters? Any disadvantages?

I%26#039;m also considering buying a used pair. What questions should I ask and what should I watch out for? I probably won%26#039;t be using these skates more than once a week (if that).

Question about buying ice skates.?
Congrats for wanting to buy ice skates! haha

umm leather skates are prolly going to be more comfortable but thats up to you. If your going to buy a used pair then maybe go to a thrift store -- they always seem to have some.. and look for the best looking ones.. like if the leather isn%26#039;t all broken and if the blades look clean and not rusted etc. Also consider getting blade covers cuz they help the life of your blades. You might want to ask how much you are going to skate because they have cheap pairs ranging from $20 - $30 at ***** sporting goods -- i saw them like 3 weeks ago and they are pretty decent for the every so often skater.

hope this helped! =]
Reply:If you don%26#039;t professionaly skate or take lessons or compete, a used pair would be fine! You don%26#039;t need anything special, just good working skates. Non leather would be fine and just remember to buy blade guards (some are pretty cute, my friend has a pair that lights up and my other friend%26#039;s old guarders and pink and sparkly!)
Reply:Well you should go to goodwill or value village and other used stores leather pairs are the best. Don%26#039;t go one eBay you don%26#039;t know what happened to the skates because you cant exactly feel them or look at them. Look for bad blades and holes in the boot part also dirty types because that means it was just badly used and blood stains. Hope I helped!
Reply:you don%26#039;t need anything special for rec but if you want them to last longer and be more comfortable, get leather ones they have cheap skates at ***** but they probably won%26#039;t last long used skates are fine too
Reply:i would advise getting a leather pair ... otherwise they don%26#039;t last very long


New Skates.. Blisters :(?

I have had new skates, i have worn them off ice for a bit but it didnt seem to help that much. I went skating, they where okay for about 30 minutes, then i got blisters at the insides of my foot. About the size of a 50p. Any tips on breaking skates in. I have read alot of sites say to wear a damp sock with your skate. Any tips for blisters?

New Skates.. Blisters :(?
Heya Me!!! DO NOT wear damp socks in your skate!! As someone already mentioned, you could get mold in your skates . . . but also some premature cracking in the leather. Be careful of online sources - there is a lot of supposed %26quot;information%26quot; written by the %26quot;public%26quot; and not all of it is necessary %26quot;correct%26quot;.

Blisters happen because there is a bit of room in that area of the skate . . . that will cause your foot to move in there and the friction may result in a %26quot;lovely%26quot; blister.

DO NOT wear thick socks - not just because it could bunch up and cause more foot pain . . . but the room in your skate will actually get bigger because of the thickness . . . and when you wear tights, you%26#039;ll find that you feet will slide all over the place.

I have found that putting a clean bunga pad directly onto the blistered area helped. It fills the gap where it%26#039;s causing friction, but it dispurses any pressure in the area. Not to knock anyone else%26#039;s answer (afterall it works for them), but I have found that bandaids can still add to the rubbing at the non-sticking part. And make up sponges can build up pressure and tightness in that particular area (whereas the bunga pads keep it dispursed). The bunga pads made it tolerable to continue skating and keep the blister from getting any worse . . . but just remember to clean the bunga pads well after each use!

If anything, skate in short bursts and take your boots off to give your feet a break too! In time it just gets better. Work on edges, crossovers, turns . . . . besides it helping to break in your skates, it will improve your skating in the meantime!!

Good luck (and congrats on your new skates!)! :)
Reply:oh the common blisters i use to get them all the time with new boots! a few tips make sure the first hook is left un done for a couple of weeks to help with bending and will soften the leather better, as for blisters i tried everything the only thing which worked for me is the round make up pads make sure you put a plaster on first then the pad and then the sock as if you dont the pad will stick to the blister and hurts!! done skate with wet socks as you will develop athlete%26#039;s foot and this is not nice. i also use bunga pads which are a life saver to skates! usually if the make up pads dont work try cutting a hole in the middle and place over the blister and use some tape to keep in place while skating.

hope this helps!

emma x
Reply:It deppends on what level your skates are. If you are a high level the wet socks work good. If you are at a lower level then you will only get soggy skates. A high level is about double loop and up and anything lower you should be okay without the wet socks. If you decide not to try the wet socks then you can get bister pads called bunga pads. They work soooo great. You can find them at this website but they are caled slippos....

I would sugest that you do not wear extra socks. It will just cause more blistering
Reply:first of all do not i repeat do not put a damp cloth inside your skate it will cause mold to grow and you will have stinky feet too..

blisters are all apart of skating... your skates should fit like a glove with the normal tights or stockings on and a footy or anklet sock over them. your skate will hide the anklet... invest in alot of band aids and get some foot soak er and soak your feet after each lesson.... apply an antibiotic cream. use your band aids as a cushion while your waring them as well.. it will help.... remember, the more you ware your skates (while actually skating) the faster your will break them in.

you can also invest in a boot oil and rub it in to your boots to make the leather more supple , but only on the out side of the boot dear.... waring the skates with out actually training in them will not work. you have to actually be training in them to break them in.. after a while at least 10 days of straight training your blisters will become callas and you will not feel them anymore... have fun and keep skating... dont give up... no pain no gain... i always say.


Reply:I have never heard anything good about the old wet sock trick. What are you wearing on your feet when you skate? Socks may cause friction and lead to blisters. Nylons, tights or dress socks usually work better. The next time you skate, try to cover your exsisting blisters....I hear Nuskin works. Or try using round makeup sponges to add a little more padding.
Reply:i bake my skates, which softens the leather. Then you put your foot in it and it breaks them in Eventually your feet will just get used to it but yeah it kinda sucks
Reply:You may have to use some padding, give it ice. It will get better as you breakdown your boots. Welcome to the wirld of figuere skating.
Reply:Ice it. and you may have to stay oof it for a bit. it will get better, once you%26#039;ve broken your boots.
Reply:if they keep rubbing really bad then take them back and complain or if they are not that bad then try and wear them as much as poss to break them in also suggest wearing a few layers of socks :)
Reply:same thing happened to me!! You should get theese pads called bunga pads.. They%26#039;re fantastic! They last forever... They cost around $15 each...
Reply:Lots of padding and plasters work for breaking in new hiking boots so i%26#039;m sure it will work for skates as well. also i%26#039;d suggest thick socks.
Reply:well you have to skate aloy to break it in and it usually happens for new skates people.
Reply:blister plasters?
Reply:I use compeed and thick skiing socks to break my new skates in!!!


Aggressive inline skates in toronto?

Hey, do you guys know where I can buy any aggressive inline skates in Toronto, not downtown (but only if I have to go). I am looking for Rollerblade TRS alpha 7%26#039;s , downtown 3%26#039;s and then the remz morales or anything else I can get a look at and try on. So far I have only been able to find these skates online through sites like or Id prefer not to buy it shipped if you know anything tell me, thanks.

Aggressive inline skates in toronto?
Dear a lot of clubs are there in canada search a best.


Are hockey skates worth 400$?

I am a young hockey player and recently i spotted the new Mission fuel 110-Ag%26#039;s in a USA hockey magazine, i fell in love with the skates. They are 400$ though but comes with a free stick, does anyone have these skates and are they any good, or do you think it is worth the 400$ to buy them?

Are hockey skates worth 400$?
i am also a hockey player, i play for a AAA team here in canada, and yes if i had the money i would buy those skates becasue i am a agile player, those skates are made for player like me. it will upgrade ur game my line mate also has those but he got them as a gift. if skates would not help then tell me why would mats sundin skate on $3000. dont listen to the guys who said that they dont work. its not only mats sundin its all of the nhl players. if you are a power forward then ur best bet is to go with fuel XP, thats for big some what heavy power forwards who drive the corners and play the body, the AG%26#039;s are for players like St. Louis, fast players who use there legs alot. expensive stuff is worth it they dont just raise the price because the product looks good, the expensive stuff has been resarched a lot, since it comes with a stick go for it
Reply:Skates are the most important equipment to have, make sure they fit properly, and have a pro help you if possible. Some roller five wheel speed skates cost $1100. It%26#039;s never too much to make you better,
Reply:I don%26#039;t play hockey, but my friend does, and I think that might be a little too much for skates. Look at other stores before you make up your mind.
Reply:Do might get more for them there.
Reply:ok i have been playing hockey since i was 2.

the ag skate aren%26#039;t worth that. look at the s-500 skates by mission. i have them and love them and they are for sale on for 269.99 with a free mission M1 stick.

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Need some help with skates for hockey?

I am attempting to start up playing roller hockey again in my adulthood and I need help finding the right kind of skates. My feet are quite wide 12.5 wide or a 13 shoe size. Also, I played football for years and have a minor Foppa case(a.k.a. weak ankles) although not as severe as his. Is there a certain brand or even specific skate model I should look at that carries wider skates with extra ankle support? Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you all!

Need some help with skates for hockey?
I have a size 15 EE wide shoe, and Size 13 skate, I found that the roller hockey skates I liked the best were Bauers and Nikes, go to or and take a look around, I found a nice pair for a decent price. Good luck.

Plain Ol%26#039;- The problem with having size 13 wide skates is it is VERY rare to find them in a store, I have played hockey all my life, and I would go place to place searching for a skate that fit, and i would always end up ordering them from the store anyways which makes trying them on not an option. If you order them online you can always send them back usually at no cost to you, what I did was ordered two pairs that fit on my credit card and sent back the ones that didn%26#039;t feel right, getting a full refund. 13 wide is not very common, so sometimes its the only option.
Reply:Mission is usually wider than TOUR or RBK
Reply:Don%26#039;t follow the first answer%26#039;s advice. As always, you should always try the skates on before you buy them. different brands fit differently, so make sure you try it on. Go to a proshop and get fitted at the very least if they don%26#039;t have a skate in stock that will fit- possible because of your wide foot.

And ask them about getting it baked. I don%26#039;t know about roller skates, but Hockey skates can be put in a special oven to be heated before you put them on so they form fit to your feet. Doing that if you can and just tying them up tightly enough should be enough for your ankles.


What kind of ice skates should i buy?

i am just starting ice skating and i was wondering what would be the best kind. Also would i get recreational ice skates or figure skates. i am starting lessons so wat would be best.

from ***** sporting goods would be best

pictures too please!

What kind of ice skates should i buy?
Recreational skates are pretty much the same as figure skates- there are three types of skates- speed skates, hockey skates, and figure skates. Usually recreational refers to how the skate is used, recreationally meaning that it is used once a month or less and used for basic skating not learning anything %26quot;fancy%26quot;. I would suggest going to your local ice rink/pro shop and being fitted for skates. Dick%26#039;s sporting goods does not sell very good ice skates for a skater who is beginning to skate, they sell skates that aren%26#039;t very high quality and won%26#039;t last you very long. I would suggest getting a Riedell Blue Ribbon skate or Jackson Classique skates I prefer Riedell over Jackson skates, but everybody has a different opinion about which are better. It will cost you around $100-$150 to get a decent pair of beginning skates.
Reply:Dick%26#039;s sells inexpensive skates. Play it Again Sports sometimes will have inexpensive skates that are OK.

These are both good options for a first pair of skates. Bear in mind that you won%26#039;t want these for long. They are just to get you out of the rental skates, and to get you started.

Once you do more than just skating in circles with your friends at the public skating sessions you will want better skates. This will depend if you are doing Hockey, Speed Skating ot Figure. Yes, girls to play hockey (not against boys) and it is a little more civilized than how the boys play.

The pro shop at the rink and an instructor at the rink will be the best to guide you.

Note: For figure skating, I really like Jackson. Their lower end are great, and the hinged boot at the high end will save your joints when you start jumping.
Reply:if you have tried figure skating, done lots of research and really are sure you want to do it then great. I am a beginning figure skater and I am starting lessons in a few days. I got the Riedell Red Ribbon figure skates. They are good skates without being too expensive. (around $100). they have a couple models lower than that but ***** or Dunhams does not sell anything past Riedell White Ribbon which is one model lower than the Red Ribbon.

i really suggest Riedell skates and also get the best blade you can buy.

go to and see which model suits your needs the most for your budget.